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  • Linn's Single-Serving Pecan Holiday Pie
  • Linn's Single-Serving Pumpkin Holiday Pie

NEW! 8 Holiday Single-Serving, Thaw ’n Serve Pies

Pre-Order for Thanksgiving Now! Linn's Holiday Single-Serving, Thaw ’n Serve Pies are the perfect way to celebrate with two favorite traditional flavor choices. You get 4 Traditional Pumpkin Pies (10 oz. each) and 4 Traditional Pecan Pies (7.5 oz. each) delivered frozen in each order of Linn's Holiday Single-Serving, Thaw ’n Serve Pies. Simply keep your pies in the freezer until you're ready — then thaw and serve.

   As easy to serve and delicious as Linn's traditional flavor family-size pies, Linn's Holiday Single-Serving, Thaw ’n Serve Pies are beautiful when served on a tiered dessert stand on your festive table. Serve Linn's Holiday Single-Serving, Thaw ’n Serve Pies in combination with Linn's small Fresh-Baked Fruit Pies and Thaw ’n Serve Crumble Cobblers to add even more convenience, flavor and variety for your holiday gathering.

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9.00 LBS

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