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Easy as Pie Cafe

Located at 4251 Bridge Street, Cambria, CA 93428

Opened Daily •  Summer Hours 10 - 7   •   Winter Hours 10 - 6

For more information please call (805) 924 - 3050

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"Easy as Pie" - we have never really understood that saying.  What's so easy about pie?  You have to prepare the fruit, and when you're farmers like us, you have to grow it, which means you have to plan and build irrigation systems, build a fence to keep the deer out, plant trees, fertilize them, prune them, fight the bugs and birds, and pick the fruit and prepare it for the pie - not to mention buying the land and paying the taxes.  Then, you have to make a huge mess in the kitchen with flour flying everywhere, roll out the dough, and hope it doesn't crack.  You clean it all up while you're baking the pie and then your family comes in and devours it in a nanosecond. 

We guess that's the point.  It's easy to eat.  No wonder you like our pies.  Who wants to go through all of that?

We, at Linn's, wanted to make this little cafe easy for you.  Easy to order, easy to get your food, easy to afford.

That's it - "Easy as Pie".  Hope you enjoy!


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