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  • Linn's Apricot Pourable Fruit - No Sugar Added

Apricot Pourable Fruit - No Sugar Added

A Linn’s food doesn't get to be a “best seller” by being shy and retiring – and Linn’s Apricot Pourable Fruit is anything, but! Made with California apricots, Linn’s Apricot Pourable has virtually the same explosion of real, fresh, aromatic, fruit flavor in every glistening drop as Linn’s California Apricot Syrup, but with no sugar added. Linn’s Apricot Pourable Fruit is delicious poured on Linn's Whole Wheat ’n Honey Pancakes and Waffles. 12 oz

No high fructose corn syrup is used in Linn’s Apricot Pourable Fruit.

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1.40 LBS

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