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Berry Jewel Sauce

Linn’s Berry Jewel Sauce is a crowning touch for so many of your favorite desserts and meals. A unique mélange of sweet-tart Olallieberries, red tart cherries, Satsuma plum, red raspberries, blueberries, and cranberries, Linn’s Berry Jewel Sauce is truly different than anything other sauce we offer. Here are just few ideas for using Linn’s Berry Jewel Sauce: Spoon it over slices of buttery pound cake and ice cream; layer with vanilla yogurt and granola for a fruit parfait; serve it with your holiday turkey or ham dinner as an alternative to cranberry and apple sauces. Linn’s Berry Jewel Sauce is a rare treat fit for royalty and adds a new flavor dimension to your dishes. 16 oz., 

No high fructose corn syrup is used in Linn’s Berry Jewel Sauce. 

Also try: Linn’s Raspberry-Orange Cranberry Sauce, Linn’s Raspberries in Port Wine, Linn’s Olallieberries in Cabernet, Linn’s Raspberry Dessert Sauce

1.60 LBS

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