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  • California Apricot Preserves

California Apricot Preserves

Linn’s California Apricot Preserves are made with the finest tree-ripened California Apricots from our Cambria farm, and those of our neighbors. 95% of all apricots in the United States are grown on small California family farms — they truly are the golden state's golden crop! 

California Apricots are blessed with gorgeous, saturated color and sweetly-tart flavor that is perfect for Linn’s California Apricot Preserves and spreads a delicious burst of fresh fruit flavor on your breakfast toast, scone, or English muffin. We use a light touch when adding pure cane sugar and pectin to maximize the true fruit flavor, color, clarity, and texture of these vibrant, hand stirred preserves. Once you taste Linn’s California Apricot Preserves, you’ll never go back to ordinary fruit jam again! 1.5 oz, 4 oz, 10 oz, 18 oz

Linn's California Apricot Preserves are an ingredient in G's California Apricot Chicken recipe which can be found on our recipe collection page.   Linn's Recipe Collection

No high fructose corn syrup is used in Linn’s Fruit Preserves, Fruit Marmalades, Fruit Butters, Spreadable Fruit, or Fruit Jellies.

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