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  • Linn’s Ready-to-Bake Family-Size Chicken Pot Pie
  • Linn’s Ready-to-Bake Family-Size Beef Sirloin Pot Pie
  • Linn’s Ready-to-Bake Family-Size Fruit Pie (Olallieberry, shown)

Family Meal & Dessert (1 Pot Pie + 1 Fruit Pie)

In the early days of Linn’s Fruit Bin, Renee Linn decided to add America’s classic comfort food, Pot Pie, to her already successful line of Linn’s fruit pies. She knew she wanted to create both Linn's Ready-to-Bake Fruit Pies and Linn’s Ready-to-Bake Pot Pies to be the kind she grew up baking and eating at home in Kansas City, Missouri. Those pies were handmade and filled to the brim with the freshest ingredients.

Today, Linn’s Cambria, California bakers follow Renee’s original recipes to make Linn’s Ready-to-Bake Fruit and Pot Pies. Contemporary comfort food is the specialty at Linn’s famous restaurant in Cambria, California and Linn’s Chicken and Beef Sirloin Pot Pies are among the all-star lineup on the menu.

At home, Linn’s Ready-to-Bake Fruit and Pot Pies are simple to prepare. Pop your frozen pie directly into the oven, make a nice salad, and relax. You can enjoy a great family dinner with dessert in an hour! Keep Linn’s Ready-to-Bake Fruit and Pot Pies on hand in your freezer for a home baked meal that’s easy to prepare, satisfies the taste buds, and feeds the soul. Comfort food never tasted so good! 

Linn’s Chicken Pot Pie is an extra deep-dish meal with generous chunks of breast and thigh meat, vegetables, and herbs simmered in a rich, savory gravy with a crust that bakes up flaky and delicious.

Linn’s Beef Sirloin Pot Pie is an extra deep dish meal with generous strips of tender, braised beef sirloin, vegetables, and herbs simmered in savory gravy with a pie crust that bakes up flaky and delicious.

Each order includes: 1 Ready-to-Bake Family-Size Pot Pie (56 oz.), plus 1 Ready-to-Bake Family-Size Fruit Pie (56 oz.).

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