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  • Linn's Meyer Lemon Marmalade

Meyer Lemon Marmalade

 Your breakfast English muffin, scone, or toast topped with Linn’s Meyer Lemon Marmalade is a delightful burst of pure citrus flavor in the morning. Made from the most popular variety of lemons in the country, Linn's Meyer Lemon Marmalade is cooked quickly with fruit nurtured and handpicked at Linn’s citrus orchard in Cambria, California. Unlike an ordinary jam, the notable “not too sweet, not too tart” flavor of Linn’s Meyer Lemon Marmalade is made with fresh squeezed Meyer Lemon juice, hand cut slices of Meyer Lemon zest, and pure cane sugar. 1.5 oz, 10 oz.

No high fructose corn syrup is used in Linn’s Fruit Marmalades, Fruit Preserves, Fruit Butters, or Fruit Jellies

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1.00 LBS

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