Chef Matt Beckett
Matt Beckett’s journey to Linn’s Restaurant in Cambria began with a cooking class he attended with his grandmother, at the tender age of 13 when he was deemed “a natural” by the instructor, a French chef. Motivated by those two words and with no shortage of energy, Matt immediately launched his career at a family-owned restaurant, acclaimed for its hand-tossed pizzas.
     Two short years later, Matt was promoted to manager of that restaurant. Subsequently, his “pizza tossing skills” caught the eye of the owner, and was offered a kitchen position at his latest venture, Moines of Newport. There, Matt was mentored by the head chef, and increased his arsenal of cooking skills.
     Knowing he had found his calling, Matt headed to California Polytechnic University at San Luis Obispo to obtain a degree in food science, and then, the California Culinary Academy in San Francisco to train in classic French cuisine.
     After completing his education, Chef Matt continued his career at the Ritz Carlton at Dana Point where he participated in an externship, and was mentored by award-winning Chef Christian Rassinoux. After that, Matt held the position of Executive Chef at the Central Coast
Sea Venture Restaurant in Pismo Beach,
and the San Luis Obispo Country Club.
     In 2010, Chef Matt landed his current position as Executive Chef at Linn’s, known for contemporary comfort foods and handmade pies. There, he is able to fully explore his original cooking style, which he dubs, “California Coastal with French Cuisine influences,” based on Linn’s FarmFresh© seasonal produce, local meats, and seafood.

     “I love using my hands to create healthy, fresh, tasty food that can change peoples’ moods, energy,
and attitudes.
” Chef Matt

     “It’s the joy of my career to have direct input as to what is planted and grown at Linn’s farm. Knowing that my recipes are brought to life in this way is beyond compare,” says Chef Matt. “It’s a wonderful connection that sings freshness into everything we serve at Linn’s

and it’s a dream position for a chef. I love using my hands to create healthy, fresh, tasty food that can change peoples’ moods, energy, and attitudes.”
     Chef Matt has been an avid forager of wild Chanterelles and Porcini mushrooms, the Queen and King of the forest, respectively, for over 30 years. “I love the flavor and aroma of the forest that freshly sautèed Chanterelles release,” says Chef Matt.
     Harking back to his early years, Matt’s favorite comfort food is hand-tossed, firewood-baked pizza with exotic toppings such as leeks and chèvre; chicken, mango, barbecue; sun-dried tomato, pesto, and shrimp, and, naturally, wild mushrooms.
     When asked to reveal a food he doesn’t like, Chef Matt is quiet at first, seemingly not wanting to disparage any food, but then says, “I’m not fond of plain, raw onion. Roasted, caramelized, pickled, or sautèed onions are all delicious, but there is something about a raw onion that is too bold for my palate.”
     Raw onion may be too bold for Chef Matt, but his natural talent and style in the kitchen is a perfect combination of subtle and bold. His dishes are ripe with fresh ingredients and new twists on traditional recipes.
     Chef Matt’s giving nature is right in step with the energetic pace that has honed his culinary skills over the years. Both have made him a local celebrity on the Central Coast who cares deeply about making his guests’ dining experience a delight and his community contributions meaningful.
     One event that is close to Chef Matt’s heart is the Central Coast’s Soupabration annual competition each year, which supports wildlife rescue. He has been awarded top honors at the event, sweeping 3 of 5 categories, including Best of Show, for his Tuscan Turkey-Quinoa Meatball Soup, in 2014.
     Chef Matt extends his personal invitation to locals and travelers to dine at Linn’s in Cambria. His creative and delicious menus of contemporary comfort foods, fresh daily specials, and holiday celebration menus are waiting for you to experience and enjoy.

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