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  • Linn's Pumpkin Butter

Pumpkin Butter


Linn’s Pumpkin Butter is made with the finest vine-ripened pumpkins from our Cambria farm, and those of our neighbors. While fruit butters have been a favorite for years in farm country, many people are unfamiliar with this kind of fruit spread. It’s simply made of fresh pumpkin and a touch of sugar and spice, and despite its name, contains no dairy butter at all; the term “butter” refers only to its smooth consistency, and it’s use as a spread for breads.

Spread a delicious burst of autumn spice flavor on your breakfast toast, scone, or English muffin with Linn's Pumpkin Butter. We use a light touch when adding pure cane sugar, spices, and pectin to maximize the true pumpkin flavor, color, clarity, and texture of this vibrant, hand-stirred fruit butter. Once you taste Linn’s Pumpkin Butter, you’ll never go back to ordinary fruit jam again! 10 oz

No high fructose corn syrup is used in Fruit Butters, Linn’s Fruit Preserves, Fruit Marmalades, Spreadable Fruit, or Fruit Jellies.

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1.00 LBS

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